Trapp’s 2009 Super Bowl Picks

Last year Craig had both the under and the NYG and this year plans on getting both correct again.  Pittsburgh came thru a very tough schedule this year playing five of the top six teams in football.  Even with this there defense was still number 1 and there record is still impressive.  On the other hand ARI racked up huge points against the easiest conference and only won east of MISSISSIPPI once against CAR in the playoffs.  In fact when they went east up to the playoffs the games were not even close getting blown out each time.  Pittsburgh defense will shut down the finesse offense of ARI and smack Warner around.  Warner fumbles when he gets hit leading the NFL in fumbles twice in his carreer with fumles lost.  Offensively this team has found there running game and ther recievers are making big catches when needed.  Its a vacation day for the Steelers after playing BAL defense.  Big BEN is MVP in this one with 3 td passes.  Love this winner.  SCORE  PIT 28 – ARI 17

Trapp did a great job all season long, but he didn’t come through for clients on this one as the Steelers won, just not by enough points.  Keep cashing in on the other sports Craig handicaps or stop by next year for more winners!