Vinciletti’s 2009 Super Bowl Picks

On Sunday feb 1st the 6 unit play in the superbowl is on the Pittsburgh Steelers at 6:25 eastern.There are many reasons why i think Pitt will win and cover here.The Steelers haave played the toughest nfl schedule in the last 36 years and have come out of it with a stellar record.They are one of just 11 superbowl teams with the leagues top defense overall.Most of these teams have won this game.In general if you can correctly pick the winner you will cash the spread well over 85% of the time in this game historically.On that premise lets take a look at why the Steelers should win, while also noting why Arizona wont win.No team has ever won the superbowl with there leading sacker having less than 7 sacks,azona leader has just 5.The famous Hank stram system awarded the Steelers the win here,while this system hasnt produce like it has over the years it is still 35 -7 ats.In the computer simualtions Pittsbugh also came out on top,though in some of the simulations they didnt cover im assuming they will win this game,and the cover will arise out of the win.The Arizona defense has not stopped the run this year as they have not had a great defense all year.The team who wins the rushing battle in the game wins 92% of the time.I think the Steelers will win this battle.Azona has had recent sucess in the playoffs that has been predicated on there being in the plus column in turnovers.Pitt hasnt been a turnover prone team and while i respect K.Warner i feel he will turn the ball over here against a suffocating Pitt defense.Much has been made of coach Whisenhunts displeasure over not getting the Pitt head coaching job and his propensity for the trick play.The Steelers are well aware of this and will have a trick or two of there own here.Once the players get on the field  the fact that Whisenhunt didnt get the Pitt job will have no bearing on the game.Teams historically who have won as an underdog to get here have not fared well over  the years.Azona is off back to back dog wins to get here and the feeling is that today they will run out of gas.Look for the Steelers to control the clock against this subpar defense.Pitt will no what to expect here as they lost to Azona in there last outing,and this defensive philosophy is basically the same.The Eagles had people wide open two weeks ago all over the field against the Cards,if D.Mcnabb has any type of consistent game the cards would not even be here.If this happens again today Big Ben will take full advantage.Back the Better team in a game where the public has fell in love with the dog.You should be able to get Pitt at -6.5. BOL GC-